Bosch komplekts GDX 18V-200 + GSB 18V-55 LB, SOLO (bez akum.)Sale

Akumulatoru un lādētāja komplekts GBA 18V 2x4Ah akum. + GAL 18V-40

BOSCH / 1600A019S0

Possible to order

Other warehouse:

Riga Ganību: Possible to order

Riga Maleju: Possible to order

Riga Bieķensala: Possible to order

Daugavpils: Possible to order

Liepaja: Possible to order

Valmiera: Possible to order

Hermetizējoša pildviela 1000ml IP68 PowerGel

CELLPACK / 335121


Other warehouse:

Riga Ganību: Available

Riga Maleju: Available

Riga Bieķensala: Available

Daugavpils: Available

Liepaja: Available

Valmiera: Available

Product code 06019J2203
Type: GDX 18V-200 + GSB 18V-55
Package quantity 1
Manufacturer BOSCH

Product technical data

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